Friday, January 23, 2015

Harvey Waxman: He may be right, but so what? 

A two-part letter in the ProJo. Part two was in response to my op-ed:

"As for “Felony for blocking the roads un-American” (Commentary, Jan. 23) by Steve Ahlquist, there is truth here on both sides. Sen. Lou Raptakis, D-Coventry, wants to make blocking a highway a felony. In fact, people’s safety can be put at risk by blocking a highway or roadway. Protestors can’t enter a hospital and disrupt surgeons treating patients because they object to high medical costs.

"Protestors must use judgment and not threaten public safety. But charging them with a felony is a very bad way to do it. It can ruin lives of people who have a legitimate free speech issue.

"Surely our legislators can come together and draft legislation that is sensible and effective for everyone. But then again, maybe not."

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