Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Channel 10 uses my video, half-credited, for their Gourmet Heaven coverage

"With credit, of course," he added.

"Sure," I replied, always happy to get my stuff out in front of a wider audience, "Just credit Steve Ahlquist and RI Future."

Well, they got it half right. Though RI Future was credited, the report neglected to credit me.

This isn't an ego trip. This is me insisting on proper credit. Channels 6, 10 and 12 could have shown up at this protest. They could have taken their camera inside the store and done a real report on the protest as it happened, but they decided not to until the ProJo, Associated Press and RI Future caught them all flatfooted.

A story about low wage workers being ripped off by a high end deli just wasn't on the TV news radar.

So next time Channel 10 want to use some of my video, I'll still be inclined to say yes, but you can bet I will be insisting that the credit reads, "Video by Steve Ahlquist for RI Future."

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