Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Living in a Superhero Golden Age

Do people know when they are living in a Golden Age? During the Depression, superhero comics offered a view of a world of empowered men and women making a difference for social and economic justice against the forces of fascism and oppression. Today we are witnessing the biggest explosion of superhero films and television series in history, during the time of the greatest wealth and opportunity inequality ever recorded, as well as impending economic and ecological collapse.

This is not a coincidence.

The need for the superhero genre is greatest when things are at their worst. And the world is in real crisis right now. The key to superhero stories is not that "some super-powered person will save us" but "we are the super-powered person."

The 1940's is known as the Golden Age of superhero comics. This decade will be known as the Golden Age of superhero films. 

Here's an incomplete list of upcoming superhero films and television shows. Many will be awesome, many will suck, some may never happen:

09-22 Gotham (TV)
09-23 Agents of SHIELD (Season 2) (TV)
10-07 Flash (TV)
10-08 Arrow (Season 3) (TV)
11-07 Big Hero 6

01 Agent Carter (TV)
05-01 Avengers: Age of Ultron
05       Daredevil (TV)
           Jessica Jones (TV)
           Iron Fist (TV)
           Luke Cage (TV)
           Defenders (TV)
07-07 Ant-Man
08-07 Fantastic Four

02-12 Deadpool
03-25 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
05-06 Captain America: Civil War
05-27 X-Men Apocalypse
08-05 Suicide Squad
11-04 Doctor Strange
11-11 Sinister Six
          Incredibles 2

03-03 Wolverine Sequel?
05-05 Guardians of the Galaxy 2
06-23 Wonder Woman
07-14 Fantastic Four 2
07-28 Thor: Ragnarok
11-03 Black Panther
11-17 Justice League Part One

03-23 The Flash
05-04 Avengers: Infinity War Part I
07-06 Captain Marvel
07-13 Untitled Fox/Marvel movie?
07-27 Aquaman
11-02 Inhumans
          Amazing Spider-Man 3?

04-05 Shazam
05-03 Avengers: Infinity War Part II
06-14 Justice League Part Two

04-03 Cyborg
06-19 Green Lantern

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