Wednesday, September 10, 2014

John DePetro not even popular with fans of conservative radio

Conservative Rhode Island based radio host John DePetro, despite his racist and misogynist comments, remains on WPRO radio despite an active boycott of the station intended to get him fired. With DePetro's history of saying and doing stupid things, it seems only a matter of time before WPRO will drop him. So his best move, if he doesn't want to end up as a relative unknown at a low wattage station in Nowhere, USA is to go bigger. He needs a national audience, so he can leave our little state behind for bigger pastures. 

That's why DePetro never hesitates to fill in for such "luminaries" as Nancy Grace and Michael Savage when opportunities presents. These gigs can be seen as trial runs for a national show or a shot at a bigger radio market. Maybe even television. Obviously, DePetro needss a national audience, but does a national audience want DePetro?

How does DePetro play outside of Rhode Island, to an audience that doesn't really know him? One clue as to DePetro's future might be found here, on THE Art Bell forum. A commentator calling his/herself yumyumtree says,
Anybody catch this hack filling in for Savage week before last? I suppose he's better known on the E. coast.  I googled him and found that he was in trouble for some fake Arbitron diaries in 2008.  Details came out during a messy divorce.  He also had some sexual harassment problems.  This is funny because Savage still ridicules Bill O'Reilly for his sexual harassment peccadilloes. One of the things I'm really starting to hate about talk radio is the hypocrisy and double standards.

Anyway, one of the things that bothered me about DePetro week before last was he spent the better part of three hours talking about a NY Daily News story about overage people in schools in Lynn MA.  This is a worthwhile subject, but not for three hours.  It was also quite creepy the way he fixated on the sexual overtones of overage men in school with minor teenaged girls.  When somebody harps and harps on something like that, it suggests that they're getting off on it.
Even fans of Michael Savage thinks DePetro's a creep, which is unexpectedly perceptive.


  1. I heard him stand in for Dr. Michael Savage. He has a violent hatred of the American South. I did not enjoy his abuse.

  2. Far left liberal blog slapping labels on people. Talk about anti-free-speech. I don't like him because it's like listening to RAY ROMAAAANO. Liberals don't protect countries they ruin countries.