Saturday, August 2, 2014

Peter "Evil Little Thing" Palumbo's health code violations in the news

Peter Palumbo, the Rhode Island State Representative who once called Jessica Ahlquist,* the then sixteen year old atheist contesting a prayer banner on the wall of her public high school auditorium, an "Evil Little Thing" is involved in a political scandal surrounding what appears to be shenanigans involving state contracts and beach concessions that may have cost taxpayers over $200,000.

If only his troubles ended there.

According to a local television news report, the concession stands Palumbo runs at three different state beaches were rife with health code violations. Channel 10 reports:
At Misquamicut, there were "cans of clam chowder stored in the restroom", floors covered with "soil residue and food debris," and there was "an accumulation of mold build up in an ice machine."

At Scarborough there were "fly strips in and round both kitchens" and "fish thawing on the counter in a bucket of water."

And at Roger Wheeler there was "a foul/noxious odor coming from the grease trap."
The Providence Journal, in a follow up report, noted that "Most violations found at Rep. Palumbo beach concessions" were corrected.
State food inspectors returned Friday to three state beach concession stands managed by Democratic state Rep. Peter Palumbo and found that all but 4 of 73 food code violations discovered in recent weeks had been corrected.
In an online poll that accompanies the Providence Journal piece, 91% felt that Governor Chafee should rescind the beach concession contracts.

*Jessica is also my niece, naturally.

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