Friday, July 18, 2014

Not Fan Mail: A response to the Hobby Lobby protest

Here's an email I received in response to the Hobby lobby Protest I organized on July 5th, exactly the way I got it, though I redacted the sender's name:
So tell me, You really think being able to kill your unborn babies is humane. 
I do not understand how you can deny a creator. Look around you. The fact that you are here in all of your capacity to think and reason, even if wrongly, clearly shows a creator was involved in you being here. 

All Hobby Lobby is doing is saying that, constitutionally speaking, the government has no right to force them to pay for abortions. Historically, the reason why the constitution says that is because the Roman or Catholic church would force people under torture to follow their state run religion. We all have our beliefs. While I do not agree with all of them, that right exists. So who are you to take that right away? Killing unborn babies was never a constitutional right. The thought probably never entered their minds. 
Clearly, abortion is not birth control. It is killing your babies. It may be used in extreme circumstances but even then, at least years ago. mothers gave up their lives for their unborn before the medical profession got involved. 

Of course people like me realize you are just using this as a political football, like all good Marxists do because for some reason you are hell bent on tearing down the Republic of America and the capitalist system we have. 

But what you need to consider is that there is a creator and He will require the blood of these children at your hands. 

You may not fear now but the day will come. 
If you really believe the creation around you came out of some slime from a swamp, you really need to take a closer look. 
With all do respect, if I were in your shoes, I would serioulsy question my thinking. 

You know, when one is deceived, one does not know he is deceived by the very definition. 
J---- D-----


  1. Somebody doesn't understand the first thing about anything concerning this issue.

    Also, if "God" can just exist without a creator of his own, why can't the universe just exist without a creator of its own?

  2. Tee hee. Maybe this is the person who made the sign of the cross at us.