Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Feminism As Radical HumanismFeminism As Radical Humanism by Pauline Johnson
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This would not be the best book to read as an introduction to Feminism and feminist theory. It is loaded with terminology and phrases that assume a basic understanding of a broad range of social and political scientists such as Marx and Foucault. Johnson is interested in showing that Humanism fits into her formulation of Feminist values and that Feminism fits into a general formulation of Humanist values.

I found her discussion of Marxist critiques especially enlightening in view of another book I have just finished reading, Women and Socialism by Sharon Smith, which I will be reviewing here shortly.

My journey into the hard theoretics of Marx, class, feminism and economics is still relatively nascent, so perhaps a return to this book in a few months will be in order, after I've exposed myself to other works and have gained a broader understanding of the subject.

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