Wednesday, October 28, 2009

God is Imaginary

Every day we are surrounded by messages about the existence of God. He's on our money, "In God We Trust." He's in our Pledge of Allegiance, "One Nation Under God." He's on TV whenever the winning football team is interviewed, "I'd like to than Allah (or Allah, or Jesus) for giving me this victory." We are so surrounded by this it becomes background noise. We assume it is right and proper for some minister to say a blessing at the beginning of major events. We watch our President sworn in, his hand on a bible, "So help me God."

What about the reality of God? What about the fact that not only can no one prove God exists, but that there are countless reasons to believe God does not exist? That's why I love God is There are listed 50 simple proofs that God is Imaginary. These proofs make excellent questions for believers. When pestered, pull one out and let it fly. Watch the believer bluster and dodge the question. You can't weaken the faith of a true believer. But you can sway the thoughts of those on the edge, and it is your right to demand satisfactory answers from those who claim to know the ultimate nature of reality.

They also have great videos:

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