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Monday, April 14, 2014

President Obama on Voter ID and voter suppression

President Obama on Voter ID and voter suppression

Art Card Project: Arzhang Davoodi 01

In the case of Arzhang Davoodi, I am writing to Iran. In an attempt to be sensitive to Islamic prohibitions against depictions of nature and the human form, I decided to send only pieces of non representational art. Rothko, Mondrian, Pollack and others immediately came to mind.

Art Card Project: Ales Bialiatski 01

Usually when I send letters on behalf of prisoners of conscience, I send letters. While I was visiting the Museum of Modern Art in New York yesterday, I had an idea, that has probably been had a thousand times before, of sending a piece of art to those with the power to release such prisoners. I bought some postcards, and addressed them with a simple request.

It shouldn't matter what the art is, as long as it doesn't offend. What is being offered is a bit of beauty, an attempt to make an aesthetic connection, something to stir our deepest human sympathies.